Music as a road movie for mind, body, and soul. Music that captivates, astonishes, makes you laugh, move, and dream. Just as Miles Davis said about his Album “Filles de Kilimanjaro”: “A light show for the blind.” Four musicians span a musical arc of tension and relaxation, silence and agitation, an arc that allows most beautiful melodies as well as abrupt breaks. Venturing every evening into the unfa- miliar, to go on a tour de force without a safety net – that is the power of music.

The audience is captivated by the scene and pleasantly surprised by the twists and turns of the musical journey: Destination unknown.

Bloom Effect is the distillation of Jochen Baldes’, Franz Hellmüller’s, Tony Renolds’ and Patrick Sommer’s creative activity up until now. It is the lucky encounter of four exceptional artists who unite their strengths and, together with their brothers in arms, set foot in unknown territories of music and passionately work them. All four musicians have been playing together for years in various constellations and have so developed a musical language that presupposes absolute trust, encourages musical detours and lets true freedom be experienced on stage.

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